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Used Lemken Opal 110 Ploughs

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Lemken Opal 110X Spelle Lemken Opal 110X
1.6 m,
LVD Bernard KRONE GmbH, DE - 48480 Spelle
4.018 GBP
Lemken Opal 110 Westerhorn Lemken Opal 110
3 Shares, Full Plate,
Raiffeisen Technik Westküste GmbH, DE - 25364 Westerhorn
2.455 GBP
Lemken Opal 110 Albessen Lemken Opal 110
4 Shares, Reversible Mounted, Full Plate,
Lukas Bensel, DE - 66871 Albessen
1.151 GBP

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