Valtra T234D

Number 3379254
Price incl. VAT 19 % 139.900 €
Price excl. VAT 117.563 €
Make Valtra
Model T234D
Year of Build 2017
Hours 570
Further information
Machinetyp (Condition): Demonstration machine
Make: Valtra
Model: T234D
Year of Build: 2017
Hours: 570
Power: 184 KW (250 HP)
Speed Km/h: 50
Front Tyre Size: 600/65R28 Mitas
Rear Tyre Size: 650/75R38 Mitas
Front Tread Remaining: 80
Rear Tread Remaining %: 80
PTO Speed (rpm): 540/540E/1000
Drawbar: Automatical
Platform: Cab
Transmission: Continuously Variable
Service Record: Full Service Record
Control Device - Double Acting: 6
Number of cylinders: 6


AutoComfort Kabinenfederung
RTK (Novatel)
2 Rundumleuchten
2 Frontsteuergeräte
4 Hecksteuergeräte + Power Beyond
160L Hydraulikpumpe
Scheibenwischer Premium + rechte Seite
elektr. verstellbare Außenspiegel
Arbeitsscheinwerfer Premium
Standard K80 (390mm)
Hinterradgewichte 6x80kg
4 WD
On Board Computer
Air Brakes
Electronic Lifting
Front Linkage
Cab Suspension
Front Suspension
Air Conditioning
Load Sensing
Air cushioned seat
Power Beyond
Working lights
Steering System RTK
Contact Information
RWZ Rhein-Main eG Agrartechnik Zentrum
Alfred Nobel Allee 2
41569 Rommerskirchen
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